The next generation of logbook


The next generation of logbook

Our user-friendly logbook for anaesthesia and critical care automatically links your logbook cases to relevant review articles from popular journals, such as BJA education and Anaesthesia.

We designed forms that allow lightning fast data entry. Our "Smart form" hides irrelevant procedures and anaesthetic techniques based on the speciality of your case. You can still expand fields to show all procedures or add free text items that are not in the list. Below is a video that shows our new Progressive Web App running on a mobile phone.

Focusing on education

This is the first logbook that specifically focuses on education and exam revision. Our database covers hundreds of review articles from the BJA education, British Journal of Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia and New England Journal of Medicine. This is a fairly new database and new resources are being published on a weekly basis.

Linking cases to the curriculum allows you to have a quick overview of what part of the currciulum you could discuss next with your supervisor in theatre. This also helps with starting Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs), especially as you now have to link WBAs to the curriculum in the new RCoA Lifelong Learning Platform.

Available Offline

This is the first anaesthetic logbook that works on all platforms (iOS, Windows, Chrome OS) and devices (phone, tablet or computer) by using modern web technologies. We created a Progressive Web App (PWA) that installs when you first login, there is no need to visit an app store. You can run the app within your browser, even when no internet connection is available, or install it directly to your home screen for more frequent use. To use the app, you need a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. Here are the key features of our Progressive Web App:

You can find out more about Progressive Web Apps in our blog.

Our app can also be found on Google Play and on the Microsoft Store:

Watch the video below if you are interested to see what our app looks like on a desktop/laptop.

About AnaestheticsApp

AnaestheticsApp was developed by Simon Bluhm.

Founder of AnaestheticsApp – Logbook and FRCA revision app
First prize at the Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia (SCATA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2019
Poster display at the AAGBI Winter Scientific Meeting 2019
Poster display at the Royal College of Anaesthetists College Tutors Meeting 2018
Abstract publication in Anaesthesia Volume 74 Supplement 2
Founder of BiologyGuide – A-level biology revision website
Recommended by the Guardian in 2007
Microsoft Windows Beta Tester 2006-2008
One of the first 1000 participants in the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 beta program
University of St Andrews IT Services ResNet 2004-2007
Support of DHCP networking, Linux and Windows operating systems
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (2019)